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Our office has received a few calls from clients who have recently formed LLCs, asking about a letter they received informing them they need to file a "2019 Certificate of Status Request Form" and pay a fee of $82.50. This is a fraudulent request and is absolutely not necessary, nor is it a viable certificate of status. Please check the link below to the WA SOS for more details and what to do if you have received one of these notices. Also, please feel free to call our office with any questions on this matter.


Misleading letters asking for fees

Around March 18, 2019 businesses started receiving letters suggesting they had another step to complete in their filing process. These letters are masked as a "2019 Certificate of Status Request Form" that suggests that it's necessary to order a Certificate of Status from the mailing.

A Certificate of Existence (aka Certificate of Status) is a real document that can be ordered directly through the Secretary of State filing system CCFS for only $20, not the $82.50 invoiced in the misleading letter.

If you receive one of these letters for a Certificate of Status order, please do your research. If you have any questions about ordering an actual Certificate of Existence feel free to contact our office at 360-725-0377, by email, or by visiting the contact us link from our website

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